Urban Halloween: Part Two

Halloween Postmortem/Costume Roundup:

Went to the Family Dollar on Oct. 30 & it was already Christmas! The carols were cranking and all they had for Halloween was one lonely shelf of Jack-‘o-Lantern lollipops and Silly String. I guess I could have dressed as a candy cane factory…

At the Duane Reade on Myrtle, the options had dwindled to “Sexy Cop,” “Kinky Witch,” and “Asylum Inmate.” As so many people struggle with mental illness, I was a little surprised at the un-P.C. nature of “Asylum Inmate”, who sported a “straitjacket” and a Hannibal Lecter-style mouth grill.

Saw an African-American family with three kids walking down the street. The older kids were sort of generic witchy things but the three-year old boy was toddling along in a l’il cop uniform and toting an outsize toy handgun. (Fortunately the gun was neon orange, unlike the realistic toy gun that got a guy on my street killed by the cops a few years back.) An odd costume choice in a neighborhood where folks often complain of police brutality? Or a sign of diversity on the Force?

On a similar note, see the picture on Flickr of the tot at a Bed-Stuy Halloween Party (at the Municipal Pool?) with the mini squad car:

PS- Can’t figure out why every single person in that photo is white if it’s on the street in Bed-Stuy.

My vote for:

Nerviest Costume (spotted by a friend in an East Village bar): Joseph Fritzl of Austrian incest dungeon fame. Immediately recognizable by the eyebrows…

Most Obscure Costume: President Taft. (F Train)

Most Puzzling Costume: Ghandi completely covered with blue body paint. (Sunset Park)

Most Distressing Costume: Obese Princess Leia in white stretch jumpsuit. (Park Slope)

Sign o’ the Times: Gumby on his cell phone. (Fort Greene)

Most Buxom Wenches: The Carriage House Inn (Park Slope)

Most Mixed Metaphor: Baby Butterfly wearing Diamond Tiara (Bed-Stuy)

Most Generic Costume: Fishnets and glitter and just looking like a slut. (Bed-Stuy, Everywhere)


~ by heysnowflake on November 24, 2009.

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